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Personal Assistants...

I know it's a Tuesday but here is a bonus post because I feel guilty that I did not do one on Friday:

BBC Three has done what it does best by scratching beneath the surface and showing that disabled people are not special nor are we an inspiration to all. The 'Defying The Label' season alone proves why the channel will be sorely missed because it provides an entertaining yet highly informative view on a subject that the main channel wouldn't touch with a barge pole. It's just a shame that these kind of programmes, which illustrate that we are all human regardless of our physical condition will be seen by less people when the channel closes. I have found/am still finding all the shows very interesting but the two-parter about hiring PA's particularly resonated with me as I have had similar experiences to those in the documentary.

Probably the worst part of being disabled is living with the fact that you cannot do everyday tasks for yourself. For me, mundane activities that able-bodied people take for granted such as getting dressed are impossible and I need Personal Assistant's to help. My mum used to be my main carer when I was growing up and that was fine but as I entered adulthood, I no longer wanted to depend on my mother. I first got outside carers in shortly after my second spinal operation (aged 18) and have never looked back. I was obviously very nervous about getting strangers to care for me but having PA's has definitely improved my life and I couldn't imagine going back to relying on my parents.

Two of my current Personal Assistant's have been with me since the very start back in 2012 (my brief Sabbatical at University aside) but so many others have come and gone. Some have moved on to another job or have gone traveling but I've parted ways with some purely because I'm very picky about who provides my care. As the name of the job suggests, it is personal and can be quite intimate so I've got to click with that person immediately or else it's safe to say, we're never going to work. It's like a relationship without any of the romance or sex. When it feels right, a true friendship blossoms. There are times when you are annoyed at them but you soon make up.

Click these two links if you want to watch both episodes:


As they say in the show, there are no where near enough carers (particularly young people) so it's a job worth thinking about. If you stay clear of care agencies who stifle all the money for profit, the pay is very competitive (way better than minimum wage jobs for massive corporations). Also, where else do you get paid to go to the cinema, out clubbing or even on holiday? OK- not every aspect of the job is fun and games but the good times outweigh the bad times. It definitely might be something worth considering for your next job.

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