Thursday, 20 August 2015

Added stress..

The ongoing fight for a fence to be erected outside my flat has been causing me a fair deal of stress of late (hence why I have posted about it a few times because writing seems to be a release) so I forgot to mention that I was involved in a collision last week. Thankfully, my carer and I were not hurt but it did shake me up as it was my first accident. The same cannot be said for my Kia Venga, which is currently off for repair. I just hope it is returned soon because the courtesy car I have is awful. To be fair, it didn't appear that bad. Just a new bonnet and light but saying that, I'm not a mechanic so there might be hidden problems that I could not see on the outside.

Obviously courtesy cars are not fitted with the Carony Classic so when my mum explained that I cannot transfer, Motability agreed that they would give me £50 a week for taxis. However, what with my busy schedule following The Arsenal, that would soon run out. I then agreed that, although I hated them with a passion, I would get a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle for the short period my Venga was being fixed. On Saturday, a Peugeot Partner Tepee arrived from Scotland. Since then, I have only been out in it on a needs must basis because it has done something that I never thought was possible. I now dislike WAV's even more than I did before.

The ride is so uncomfortable in the back. Even-though I am strapped in securely with clamps, I still end up feeling every little bump in the road. As I've mentioned before, another problem with WAV's in general is that because the wheelchair position is at the rear, you feel out of the loop like a child and unable to join in with conversations. Particularly with my hearing and speech problems, I end up thinking that I may as well not be in the car. Then there are design faults with this Peugeot such as the seat belt, which is difficult to get on and once it is, it doesn't go across my shoulder properly like a  standard one. Also when the vehicle reverses, it makes a ridiculously loud noise (luckily I do not have epilepsy).

They are just a few reasons why I was right to get the Carony Classic over a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

I cannot wait to get my Kia back (preferably before our trip up to Newcastle next Friday) so that I can re-take my rightful place riding shotgun in the front passenger seat next to the driver and more importantly, be back in control of the radio.

Bye for now!

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