Tuesday, 11 August 2015

No need for thanks...

I have always been aware ever since I was diagnosed with a disability that in car parks (particularly in private ones where there are no wardens around to give tickets), some motorists will try their luck and park in the spaces reserved for those with mobility issues. I remember when I could still walk but not very far, I would get out normally and people would be angrily staring at me thinking I was able bodied. My mum would soon get out my Blue Badge and flash it at everyone as if to say "Look! He is disabled!". At the time, it used to frustrate my family and I that people would jump to the wrong conclusions. However, I am glad that the public are self-policing these bays and making sure inconsiderate people do not use them.

You have probably seen this video as it went viral a couple of months ago but this is my favourite example of the general public taking action into their own hands:
The Brazilian people are certainly more creative and thoughtful than 'Wheelchair Boy', who wanted to urinate in a bottle and throw it over a soft top convertable that I have noticed parked illegally on a few occasions down at my gym (obviously I would never actually do that).

I just think those who do abuse disabled bays are so ignorant. The spaces exist for a reason. They are the ones closest to the shops; not as a kind gesture for customers with mobility issues, but because Blue Badge holders need them.  Either they can only walk a short distance or for wheelchair users like me, it would be a struggle for my carer to push me and the shopping all the way to the back of the car park. Also, I need room at the side and back to get my seat in the car and to put the wheelbase in the boot. That's why I got slightly annoyed when I saw this sign at Sainsbury's:

You don't need to thank people for doing the right thing. What next? A sign near an ATM machine that reads:
'Thank you for not mugging people as they withdraw cash.'

It's not necessary as most people (hopefully) have an innate sense of what is right and what is wrong.

Bye for now!

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