Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I'm serious...

I think I've mentioned before how much I hate my voice and the speech part of my condition is far worse in my opinion than the fact I cannot walk. Being wheelchair bound obviously is far from ideal but it's not the end of the world. I complain a lot (as you may have noticed) about accessibility but in  the main, things are improving. Disability aside, I can still do a lot of simple activities such as going out to restaurants or to the cinema like able-bodied people. However, communication is a key part of what makes us human and having the ability to do that gradually removed is truly awful. I just feel degraded and less of a person.

People will either read them last couple of sentences and reassure me that my voice is fine (thank you but I know that it's getting worse by the day) or think that I'm being pathetic because at least I'm not a mute. That is normally how I deal with my condition. I usually think to myself that I could easily have a worse disability than Friedreich's Ataxia and while I am grateful that I can still speak, I am starting to feel like I might as well be non-verbal. A ridiculous statement I know but that is how various people including the council are making me feel of late. A worthless 'Wheelchair Boy' who should be ignored and forgotten until I die  (everyone would have a much easier life if disabled people were not around).

Some might say that I am being melodramatic but my life has been put on hold for nearly three months with this whole fence situation and I've had enough. My points make a lot of sense such as the fact my tenancy agreement states that the property is 'an exclusive flat with an exclusive garden' but still they will not listen. I went into the council offices today to get a few things off my chest but all they do is pay lip service and pretend to be concerned. I have another meeting on Monday but it seems so pointless at the moment. I know exactly how it will play out. They will patronise me by repeating points I already know and not take a single word I say on board.

What makes it worse is that I am the stereotypical bloke. I bottle up all my stress and worries, which I realise is not good for my heart. This saga HAS to be resolved amicably soon for the sake of my health.

Bye for now!

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