Monday, 3 August 2015

Maintaining independence…

When you go from being a regular, able-bodied person to being disabled, there is a difficult transition period where you have to realise that you can no longer do the same things as you could before. I was lucky (my buzz word of the moment) in that my deterioration was gradual so I had years to come to terms with my condition. I can only begin to imagine what it feels like if you have an accident/get struck down with illness and face problems with your mobility overnight. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old; accepting that your body has changed is not easy.

However, there are companies out there such as Pride Mobility who supply devices designed specifically to help improve independence. They manufacture a number of useful products to overcome some mobility issues, ranging from electric scooters to powered wheelchairs; foldaway ramps to lift chairs. I have said before how shops and restaurants should get ramps that they get out when there is disabled customer, particularly if (for whatever reason) a permanent one cannot be built. I also know from first hand experience that owning a motorised wheelchair gives you a sense of freedom and greatly improves quality of life.

The other two products that I mentioned are not aimed at someone who cannot walk (like myself) and more for those who can walk but not far. Scooters are ideal if you want to save energy so that you are able to get out and go inside the shop. The Pride lift chairs are also great for those who can walk but find it extremely difficult to stand up from a seated position.  The reason I’m speaking about these aids is because sometimes you have to think about long-term care i.e. when loved ones get old and struggle with their mobility.

As the title of this post suggests, the way to feel at one if you like and not get bogged down by the fact you are disabled is to hold onto as much independence as possible. Even if your condition means that you have to use mobility devices to assist you in this.

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