Friday, 7 August 2015

Need a fence...

It seems like years ago that I was given this flat by the council yet I still haven't moved in yet. When I first looked around the flat, I mentioned a few concerns I had with the property such as the fact that the toilet was just a standard one, doors were inaccessible and the lack of fencing issue. I was assured by everyone I spoke to they were only minor and should be resolved soon. Sure enough, the threshold on the front door and the relevant bathroom adaptions were done immediately but once I had signed for the keys, the council started putting the responsibility of getting a fence on me. If they had informed me that the gardens would remain fence-less, I would not have signed the contract. I simply do not have the excess funds to cover fencing especially when you take into account the monthly bills I’ve now got to pay such as gas, water and electricity.

The predominant reason I must have fences before I move in is for my safety (and carers) above all else. As it stands at the moment, absolutely anyone can access my garden and therefore my back door/windows.Talk about being exposed. It's not that my neighbours pose a threat but unfortunately we do not live in a safe world so therefore you need fences to keep out, or at least deter, criminals. By definition, it is 'designed to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary'  so I don't know why the council cannot seem to fathom that the main function of perimeter fencing is to 'prevent trespassing'. I should probably man up but I would like to feel secure in my own home. I would hazard a guess and say that pretty much all of my readers have a fence.

To top it all off and put a cherry on the whole situation I now find myself in arrears because housing benefits refuse to pay my rent as I haven't moved in yet. I have explained why this is on numerous occasions but the council do not see my point of view at all and think I should back down. I refuse to give in though because no where in writing does it state that this property does not come with fences. The tenancy agreement is very ambiguous but does state that 'tenants must maintain fences' and that is fine but the fact is I do not have one to begin with. I would maintain it if I did.

Yet again, 'Wheelchair Boy' is not going to go quietly and will fight for his rights until the bitter end.

Bye for now!

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