Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Thrill-seeker 2…

If you missed yesterday’s post, you might want to catch-up before reading the conclusion today: http://theadventuresofwheelchairboy.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/thrill-seeker.html

This time, I was determined go on all the rides my body would allow. That was my biggest concern. Not the heart condition I have, I was more nervous about transferring because not being able to walk might make it difficult. However, apart from the Smiler, which wasn’t accessible (surprising as it was new for 2013), I managed to board all the main coasters although it took a bit of time. I begun on Rita because that was the monkey I needed to get off my back. After that, I was eager to try the rest of the attractions Alton Towers had to offer.

Over the weekend, we managed to get on Oblivion, Nemisis and Air three times respectively. All were incredible and quite literally breath-taking but my overall favourite was Air (probably because it felt a bit like skydiving). The seat moves into a horizontal position so it gives the impression of flying. It is unbelievable and at times, very surreal. As you can tell, I was impressed which might be to do with the fact I’m sitting down all day. The only problem with all three rides was the shape of the chair meant that at times, I was crying out for a sex change if you know what I mean.

I did feel like a bit of a V.I.P. watching people queue while entering via the exit. Also, ‘Wheelchair Boy’ seemed to be the centre of attention, as onlookers seemed to be intrigued at how I was transferring. I was a tad guilty for the slight delay but once the ride started, I couldn’t care less. There were a couple of rides I tried but ultimately failed to get on such as ‘Thirteen’ but my brother reassured me it wasn’t worth hurting myself to get on. I was embarrassed that after 5 minutes of attempting to climb in, I had to stop and apologise for wasting everyone’s time.

All in all, the rides were brilliant and I left on a real high. Everytime I close my eyes, I keep getting a falling feeling like I’m on the edge of Oblivion. I haven’t been so exhilarated since my SkyDive back in 2010. There were problems over the weekend, all of which I’ll be including in a complaint letter but I won’t go into details yet. Just got to watch this space.

Bye for now!

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