Friday, 27 September 2013

Being in a wheelchair…

People (morons) come up to me when I’m out and for some bizarre reason think driving an electric wheelchair is a bundle of laughs but it’s simply not. Not being able to walk is an exclusive club but as you will have realised from reading my posts, it’s nothing to be jealous of. The ‘lucky’ members have one thing in common aside from the obvious fact they are wheelchair. No, it’s not that all disabled people moan a lot and carry a chip on their shoulder. The redeeming feature that sets us apart from the crowd is the detailed knowledge of what it feels like to be in a wheelchair full-time.

My friend tagged me in a Facebook post recently, which included a blog by Louise Brutton (a wheelchair user). I thought I’d share it with my readers because it’s interesting and insightful as well as being humorous. Basically, the post is doing most of my job tonight so I don’t have to write much and can rest ahead of my trip to Swansea tomorrow. Some of the points in the article won’t be news to my loyal fans but there are a few things I want to go into detail about next week.

So, is the place to visit and hopefully whet your appetite for my future posts.

My post over on this week focuses on the World Cup and more specifically, the controversy surrounding Qatar 2022. FIFA are currently thinking about moving the tournament to winter and I actually think it’s a really good idea (trust me to go against the common consensus). Please read, unless of course football doesn’t interest you in the slightest. If it does, here’s the all-important link:

Don’t forget my weekly predictions as well:

Bye for now!

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