Friday, 20 September 2013

About Time…

Last night, my sister and I went to see the new Richard Curtis movie at the cinema. It was a Romantic Comedy in the same vein as one of my favourite films, Love Actually and we both would’ve preferred to watch it with a partner but we’re both losers (she’d admit it too) so had to settle for a bit of sibling time. The basic premise was a young man who discovered he could travel back in time and used the newfound ability in different situations throughout life. As you can imagine, the surreal concept made for an interesting plot and of course provided some humorous moments.

I wanted to give a brief review of the film on this blog because it provided some food for thought as they say. It made me fantasise about how I’d like to go back in my life so I could play football once more. Time travel will never happen in my lifetime so it is just a dream, which came directly from Curtis’ vivid imagination. However, there was a deeper meaning behind the playful idea that one could live out certain parts of life again. It was that mantra I try to adopt about living in the here and now because you only get one shot (If you’re like me, the JLS song will be stuck in your head after reading this).

So, I urge my readers to go and watch ‘About Time’ over the weekend. It’s a bit like my blog in that it can be hilarious (others have said that) as well as being thought provoking and emotive. Warning to all my fellow singletons. You’ll leave the cinema desperately wanting a girlfriend/boyfriend and a baby. That may have been just me who had that reaction being the hopeless romantic that I am (bring out the violins).

Before I go to bed, two football posts that I wrote today if anyone is interested. The first one is about Arsenal (obviously) and the shocking news that we do have plenty of forwards: My second post is my weekly guess at the Premier League fixtures for the weekend. I’m usually pretty rubbish so don’t lay out any money on my say so:

Bye for now!

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