Thursday, 12 September 2013


Readers will have noticed a couple of things lately. Firstly, my posts have been pretty hit and miss (some days I have thought about writing but not bothered). Secondly, the subjects have been quite negative and if I’m honest, quite depressing. That’s because I’ve been feeling slightly down recently; I thought it would be useful if people understand that I don’t always breeze through life and have a positive outlook. Sometimes, the smallest thing can make me think negatively and once I’m in that self- pity hole, it’s difficult to climb out.

The most important fact is that I feel a lot better. It might be to do with the fact I’m heading up to Sunderland on Saturday to watch Arsenal’s record signing Mesut Özil make his debut. Depending on the result, I might be back to square one and feeling sorry for myself. Nah, I won’t. As most people will be aware, yesterday was the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I can remember the horrific images vividly and upon reflection, made a few conclusions that have driven me forward out of the rut I was in.

I have realised I am lucky to have a life so I can’t waste it feeling down in the dumps. It may be an overused cliché but I’m only going to get one shot at life. If I wake up everyday and do nothing, I will regret that period of my life. Like I have said before, it’s inevitable that I physically will feel drained and lethargic but I refuse to allow myself to be mentally beaten by Ataxia, which has been the case lately. This post has been more of a pep talk to myself because I want to remain positive and more determined to overcome any obstacles I will face.

Today, I’ve been motivated to work that extra bit harder because of my good mood so here is an article explaining why I don’t like International football (another negative post some might say): Hopefully, my happiness continues and I feel like writing more. I know it sounds silly but I can only produce good work when I’m upbeat.

Bye for now!

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