Monday, 23 September 2013


After another great weekend (Arsenal won again), I relaxed last night by catching up with this week’s edition of Question Time. Politics is not normally discussed on this blog but there was a particular debate that interested me and I’d like to comment, not so much on the actual issue but the way people talk about it. Everyone who lives in Britain should hopefully be aware that the use of the Niqāb (full face veil) has been in the news recently. My opinion is that it is not suitable to have your face covered in a court for example. Whether you agree or disagree, is giving an opinion inherently wrong? It seems that way.

No doubt, my brother will read this post and say that I got a bit close to the knuckle. However, that is my point. The world walks on eggshells around any subject to do with race. I don’t think anyone’s face should be obstructed in court full stop. It’s not a question of religion because I’d be against a witness testifying whilst wearing a balaclava for the exact same reason. I just believe being able to have eye contact is important in certain situations namely in court, with a teacher at school or in a hospital. Sometimes in life you have to accept that there are appropriate/inappropriate dress codes.

What this debate has proved to me is that people are taking political correctness to a ridiculous level. I know I wasn’t around back then but life is clearly much better now than the 1960’s in terms of equality and that is simply because society is more PC. However, I don’t like the way that people such as Laurie Penny (guest on QT) seem to jump on the hypothetical bandwagon whenever the opportunity arises. If the brigade disagrees with what you say, they just dismiss it as racism, sexism or Islamophobia instead of arguing their point in the traditional manner.

Granted, ‘Wheelchair Boy’ does have a good old moan on this blog but I thought my rants were the star attraction. In all seriousness, I don’t turn around all the time and say, in my best Ali G impression, ‘is it because I is in a wheelchair?’ because that is just a childish way of arguing. I don't speak about disabledism because it's a laughable concept. Just like calling everyone who has an opposing opinion a 'racialist'.If accusations of racism are thrown about like they seem to be in the media, people will live in fear about what is right/wrong to say, hence why I have decided to write this today.

Bye for now!

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