Thursday, 19 September 2013


It has come to my attention that in my recent blog post titled ‘Eye Spy’; I came across as quite rude. I tried to tackle the issue of disabled people being ignored but in hindsight (a wonderful thing), it might have been a tad offensive. Initially, a line of the fourth paragraph read ‘In fact, I reckon a fair few of my readers would have left me in distress’. That was meant as a joke but I fully understand how it seemed as if I was having a go at everyone. It was like I was an angry drunk pointing the blame at the whole world, including those closest to me. So, I apologise unreservedly if it appeared cynical and bitter.

You’ll be glad to know I’ve since changed the sentence to ‘a fair few of my readers would have left me in distress according to the statistic (but I'm sure none of you would)’ because that was my point.  The proven fact that I mentioned earlier on in the ‘Eye Spy’ post about 65% of the UK population saying they avoid disabled people because they are not sure how to act around them was the basis of my statement. All I was saying that if the survey findings were applied to my blog readers, more than half would not want to engage with me. HOWEVER, that is clearly not the case. By reading my posts every day, you know how to act around me so won’t feel uncomfortable.

I hope that has cleared up my point and sorry to anyone who was shocked by what they read on Tuesday. Like my brother said, I want to reach a larger audience but I don’t want to lose existing readers. In the future, I just need to be clear and make sure it won’t be deemed offensive before publishing. Now I know how a celebrity feels, carefully wording statements and issuing a public apology before an angry mob form.

Bye for now!

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