Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Save me…

It started nearly a month ago, while I was on holiday in fact. I’ve been getting annoying comments on this here blog. Don’t worry; they’ve not been nasty although I have read some vile ‘feedback’ (not about me) on other pages. The messages are just peculiar. They’re about spell casters and are not personal because they say he or she. People obviously have discovered this blog and because it is about disability, feel the need to inform me of a witch doctor who can heal me. No, thanks. Just leave me alone.

Anyway, the comments can be ignored but it has brought me onto a wider issue that may shock you. Obviously, a cure to Friedreich’s Ataxia would be amazing but I don’t go out and seek help, whether that be spiritual healing or homeopathic medicine. Why? Believe it or not, I’m perfectly happy with the current life I have. I am faced with stresses and struggles due to my disability but overcoming obstacles is part of who I am. My character, which hopefully shines through in posts, might not be the same if I was able bodied.

I’m in no way saying scientists should stop searching for that illusive cure. Please continue with the hard work and one day, a breakthrough may happen. However, I’m just stating that I don’t lead my life forever hoping that I’ll be magically made better. I just get on with things and see how the story unfolds. I don’t agree with those who sit around feeling glum and wait for the world to pick them up. Apologies if I’m cold but I have no empathy whatsoever. It’s down to you to control outlook on life.

Nothing to do with God or anything (because I’m an atheist) but I sometimes think that I am a ‘Wheelchair Boy’ for a reason. Some people are ginger whereas others are blonde. Most can walk but I’m in the minority who can’t. It’s cliché but life would be dull and not worth living if all human beings were the same.

Bye for now! 

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