Monday, 29 July 2013

The final day…

I’ve decided that seems as Monday (the day that everyone hates) is nearly over, I’d congratulate my loyal readers for working hard by sharing another humorous anecdote from our holiday. Also, a regular reader (you know who you are) has told me that my past few posts have been a bit serious. It’s good to write about a variety of subjects that affect me, and not everything that happens in the life of ‘Wheelchair Boy’ provides light-hearted stories so hence the changeable tone of what I write. Some days, I get incensed and feel the need to air my grievance with the world. Other times, I just have to sit back and laugh. Wednesday 10th July 2013 was just one of those days.

We had enjoyed 10 glorious days in sunny Spain (makes me want to sing Y Viva Espana) but the 11th wasn’t so great. The flight back to Luton wasn’t until 23.05 so we had a whole day to enjoy or as it panned out, waste in a rental car. Any other family would’ve spent the last few hours lapping up the sun and adding to our already impressive suntans (although they look mediocre now everyone in Britain has turned golden from the ‘mini’ heat wave) but not us. Fair enough, the villa owner wanted us out by 11.00 for the cleaners so we couldn’t stay in the pool all day. However, I don’t know why we didn’t go down to the harbour or something instead of doing the classic Spanish pastime of sitting in a Fiat for hours on end.

The decision to drive (when the temperature was at it’s peak) to Alicante airport and explore the surrounding area was a huge mistake. Anyone who has ever flown into this part of the Costa Blanca will be aware that the terminal is situated in the middle of nowhere. Now, I did mention a football stadium near-by but that was a bit of a disaster. The club (Elche) have recently been promoted to La Liga so they were in the middle of developing. It was a bit of a dump to be honest but at least the pitch looked nice on the Internet. After driving around the stadium, we headed to Alicante centre (15 minutes away) for late lunch.

None of the day was going smoothly, we couldn’t even find parking with a Blue badge. So, after 2 hours of driving through the town and passing the same Burger King about 5 times, we gave up and headed for the airport. By this time, it was dinner so we stopped off in El Altet to eat. Again, there was no parking so we parked the car in what felt a bit like the Sahara (not that I've been).  Hunger had taken over so we were not bothered about the safety of the car anymore; it was a mission to find food. This hostel looked O.K. so we sat down but looked at the menu and walked off immediately. Glad I didn’t win that comp in the end!

After hours of driving and searching, we ended up getting burgers from a kebab house. Granted they tasted good (and Angela Merkel had once visited) but in summary, we had wasted a day looking for a decent restaurant with parking outside and ended up with a proper Brits abroad meal. Anyway, it provides something to look back at and laugh. Certainly a memorable climax.

I’m nearly out of holiday stories unless I think of anymore. So, tomorrows will probably be the last post about Spain 2013 (sad times).

Bye for now!

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