Monday, 15 July 2013

Mixed emotions...

I’ve just about recovered from Wireless over the weekend. Not that I was drinking or anything but partying for two days running in sweltering heat completely took it out of me. On Saturday, it did feel like I was still in Spain and a siesta would’ve been very appealing. However, I powered through and enjoyed the other acts that evening. Tinie Tempah was amazing before the incredible Calvin Harris on the Pepsi Max stage. Then it was onto the Main Stage to watch Jay Z cap off a brilliant two days. Although Justin Timberlake was great on Friday night, I did prefer the second line-up.

As the title suggests, I came home from the Olympic Park not knowing how to feel, whether to laugh or break down in tears… Yes, I had a fantastic time but there were a few issues. The first problem doesn’t affect me personally but the gravel on the floor made life difficult for my brother to push me. I’m not too sure why they had half of the surface tarmacked so it appeared unfinished. My second query probably affected everyone but after being in the music tents, I came out covered in dirt as if I had been up a chimney. I had to wash when I got home and my clothes are stained. I don’t know what it was but it wasn’t nice.

Those issues are only minor compared to what happened at the end of both days. Our parents dropped us off in the disabled car park on Friday morning and told us to meet them there after. We did but at 23.00, they weren’t there. OK, they’re running late. Should be here soon.  Let’s phone to check. Run out of battery. We waited an hour but still no sign. Just as I was panicking and contemplating whether my brother should go find help, a man in an events jacket spoke to us. He told us that mum and dad were up at the copper box. As it turns out, they couldn’t come to collect us because the stewards/police had forced them into Westfield’s car park. A shuttle bus took us to Stratford and we eventually got back to the car about 2 hours after the concert finished.

What happened the next evening was even worse. I’ll split this up into two blogs so come back tomorrow for the rest.

Bye for now!

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