Monday, 22 July 2013

A floater…

When I say I was swimming every day in Spain, don’t picture me diving in the deep-end and doing lengths because that didn’t happen. I did contemplate being pushed up to the edge and get tipped out into the pool but I hate being under water. Instead, I was hoisted out of my wheelchair and straight into a rubber ring because I can’t swim.  Then, I’d put a foam woggle under my knees and lay back for hours on end basking in the sun. The only thing I had to watch out for was that I didn’t float off the edge, as it was an infinity pool…

Well, that wasn’t the only thing I felt needed to be closely monitored. Every day, I’d make my way over to the corner in the shallow end so I could stand and stretch my legs while holding onto the ledge. It just so happened that this position provided a perfect view of the topless woman in the villa next door. That was a mere coincidence. My eyes couldn’t help but wander. This has become a sort of running joke in my family but in all honesty, it was a pleasant feeling to freely stand again. The breasts were just a bonus. Anyway, I stopped looking after a few days (because the husband caught me and gave me evils).

One day, I was floating around with my eyes shut. It was peaceful and tranquil. So quiet in fact that I was nearly asleep. Not a great idea in water but my brother and sister were around (not that they’d be much help). Next thing I hear is a slight whistling noise like air being released from a tyre. My brother thought I was being overdramatic and didn’t believe there was a hole in it. Even after two minutes, when the ring was visibly deflated, my sister still saw no problem and told me to calm down. However, I was becoming agitated and worried because without the ring, I’d sink to the bottom. Luckily, my mum noticed the problem and hoisted me on to dry land, where I felt much safer.

I was annoyed that both my brother and sister thought I was making the hole up but I managed to get revenge on Rachel the next day. Gavin got off lightly with it… so far. The following evening, I was about to get hoisted out of the pool into our innovative shower chair (see Friday’s post). My sister leant over to hook the harness onto the metal. As she did, the hoist broke and she fell into the water. Luckily, I wasn’t attached so no one got hurt and we were all able to laugh about it. It did scare me when using the hoist in future but most importantly, it made Rachel look like a right idiot. Pity, we didn’t capture the accident on camera because it definitely would’ve made £250.

I’ve uploaded a few more pictures below of the pool and the hoist.

Bye for now!

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