Thursday, 18 July 2013

Catching the rays…

Just over a week ago we came home from Spain but apart from not having a pool to cool down in, the holiday hasn’t really ended. The ‘mini’ heat wave that Britain is currently experiencing has meant that the sun hasn’t gone from my life… yet. Obviously, history indicates that this weather won’t last forever so I need to enjoy it because unfortunately, winter is rapidly approaching. I should explain to any readers not from the U.K. that 30C may not seem that hot but it is tropical to us islanders as it rarely occurs.

I am guilty of moaning over the past week or so because the heat was more bearable in Spain. Here, it has just been muggy and uncomfortable. It doesn’t help that I still don’t drink as much as I should but that’s slowly improving. Also, being a clean freak, I hate sweat and if there were such a thing, I’d permanently have a shower fitted to my wheelchair. However, if truth be known, I love the summer because it means that anything is possible because you’re not restricted by rain, ice or snow.

The other reason I enjoy the sun is because I love getting a tan. When I laid on the sunbed on day 1, I turned to my mum and joked that I would get my seven years worth of sun. 3 James Bond audiobooks later, I felt proud of the colour I had turned, even if I was a bit burnt in certain areas. That was short lived and turned to disappointment when I saw men walking around topless at the Wireless festival with better tans (and fitter bodies) than me.

Hopefully, the sun will stay in England for the rest of summer and I can continue to top up my tan. I’ve started back at the gym too so I can work on that six pack for the ladies (who am I kidding). I might have to take my Venga down to Southend one day, don’t want to waste these days at a computer. Also, I want to be able to just wear my football shirt alone to a few Arsenal games. Nothing beats watching the team you love playing in glorius sun. You know the old saying, even Tottenham looks better in the sun.

Bye for now!  

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