Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Too hot…

I’m not going to do the fashionable thing in Britain today, which is to moan about the weather, whether it is hot or cold. Nor am I going to have a pop at those who have a good whinge either way because I am a bit of a moaner when it comes to Arsenal. I complain when the club spend no money and I am not content that a supposed £40 Million bid has been made for a vile, cheating, racist cannibal (Luis Suarez). It’s a British thing to never be happy and feel the space by telling everyone what annoys you. Hence, why I enjoy writing my blog.

My grand statement of the day is that I want a hot-tub (I realise that I must win the lottery first but considering I don’t do it, that seems impossible).

Come to think of it, I had never used a hot-tub before our holiday so was intrigued to know how it felt. Although the combination of sun and the heated water was too much on one of the days, I fell in love with the machine.  It was so relaxing and left me in a dream state. The jets were hitting all the soothing spots around my body and like the pool, I was dropping off. There was a T.V. screen and speakers that popped out but we couldn’t get them working (much to my disappointment).

I could just imagine one in my back-garden with a shelter to cover it from the elements. That would be amazing in the winter. The rain (or even snow) falling outside while you’re all snug laying in the lovely, warm water. Beautiful women in bikinis cuddling in close and feeding me while watching the football.  It would be like a scene from a movie… Someone slap me out of this fantasy.

Anyway, back to Spain. I really don’t think a hot-tub is necessary in a country of climate. Perhaps, it would be useful in the winter but even then the temperature is still quite decent. I was sweating profusely just sitting in the sun, let alone adding more heat. The dehydration I felt after only being in there for 5 minutes was the definition of unbearable. The heat outside now is nothing to grumble out compared. The best way to describe it is sitting in a volcano in the middle of a dessert (excuse the hyperbole but that’s what writers do).

Bye for now!

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