Monday, 3 June 2013


Enough is enough. That is how a UKIP supporter would begin a rant about immigration but I’m not going to speak about my political beliefs, at least not in this blog. Instead, that opening statement merely expresses my sheer desperation to get away ‘for a week or two’ as Sir Cliff once sung. It has gone from potentially being a nice break to an absolute necessity.

Lately, life has been stressing me out and really getting on top of me as you can tell from my frequent outbursts on here. I can’t even go on a simple walk in the park without a problem occurring, like flipping back in my chair. As I’ve said before, everything is a battle and they won’t listen unless I keep going on at them. I am beginning to turn into a little activist, writing letters of complaint and airing my anger to various people. I just need a breather, time (preferably in the sun) to re-charge my batteries so I can return ready to fight for disability.

This time of the year, people normally start crying out for a holiday on Facebook and Twitter. That’s fine. Everyone’s stressed and are normally worn out by this time of the year but it’s different for the able-bodied community. I don’t want to sound like a broken record but there is no escaping from the fact that ‘normal’ people can go on (other sites are available) and book up everything quite cheap. Looking for a basic hotel/apartment with a wet room and wheel-in shower is the difficulty. Not because it’s a massive ask but we’re finding anything to do with disability is either ridiculously priced or booked up a year in advance. So, the holiday was meant to be easy and get rid of stress instead of adding it on.

As you are all aware, the last holiday I went on was to Cyprus in 2006. 7 years ago (nearly as long as Arsenal’s trophy drought). Had to mention that fact before some joker brought it up. Anyway, the trip has special memories attached because it was for my cousins wedding. She has since passed (I’m getting quite emotional writing this) and it provides a great deal of comfort to me that I made it to her big day in sunny Pathos. My point is that going abroad gives you memories that will last forever, whether that be me singing ‘Daniel’ by Elton John at a Karaoke bar in Spain or my dad driving perilously close to a cliff face with my brother and I in the car.

I want to create new ones which I can laugh about with family and friends. A holiday would certainly benefit this blog too. You think my posts are interesting now. Just imagine the adventures ‘Wheelchair Boy’ would get up to when let loose abroad. Perhaps, I’d complain less about the ignorant British people if I visited a different culture. Saying that, I’ve always found foreigners to be more courteous when it comes to disability so would probably still coming back thinking Brits are rude and don’t care about others.

Now to win the lottery or meet a rich girl. I know what is more likely… DEATH. That is the only certainty in life.

Bye for now!

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