Friday, 14 June 2013

We’re all going on a summer holiday…

Great news! I’ve finally booked a holiday. CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON. As you can see, I’ve been in such a good mood ever since it got finalised earlier this week. Getting away is a pretty trivial part of life to most people but to me, the 7-year wait for a trip abroad has felt like an eternity. Hopefully, this will signal the future ending of a few other long waits such as Arsenal winning a trophy and me getting a girlfriend but time will tell.

Where are we going then? That’s the best part. After weeks of searching the internet, I found a villa, which catered for all my needs in Moreira (a town situated about an hour from Alicante airport). Now, you’re all aware how much I love nostalgia and this is partly why I liked this place. When I was younger,  my family always used to go to that part of Spain every year so the place is full of memories. The good old days when I could walk, drive go-karts and even sing in Karaoke bars. I’ll be able to see how the area has changed and if any of it is how I remember it. I can’t wait.

Like I’ve said before, we couldn’t just book up a place to stay and hope for the best. I had to make sure it fitted my needs with an accessible bathroom (a wheel-in shower is a must for Mr Clean Freak over here). It obviously did. And was on the ground floor so looked suitable for wheelchair access. The added bonus is that the pool has a lift so I’ll be able to buy a rubber ring and float in there all day. It will be absolute bliss if the weather is good. I know it’s summer but you can never tell.

I just thought I’d tell you in case you’re worried about my whereabouts because I’m not going to blog poolside. However, it should provide me numerous interesting subjects to post about when I return. Don’t worry, I’m not going too soon. You’ve still got to put up with reading my thoughts for a few more weeks. No respite yet.

Bye for now!

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