Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Looking good…

When I said the other week that I like to be clean, I don’t think some people understood. You may think it is not normal to have a shower, go to the gym and then shower again after a workout but that is simply my personality. I have to be presentable all the time .I can’t just get out of bed and go somewhere at the last minute. I have to leave enough time to wash thoroughly, shave (has to be wet, not a fan of electric) and style my hair (even if it does look a mess). In essence, I am a stereotypical woman when it comes to getting ready in the morning.

I don’t care about my appearance to attract women (chance would be a fine thing) but because of a little thing called self-pride. It is bad enough that I am disabled, there is no need to let myself go and look like a tramp. As well as washing, shaving and styling my hair, another important aspect of my look is the clothes that I choose to wear. I don’t buy expensive, branded clothes but I just want to be smart and stay trendy. This extends to, at my carers dismay, having everything ironed and looking new.

One thing I’ll never understand is why some disabled people have no pride in what they wear. Fair enough. Jeans are uncomfortable when you’re sitting down all day but I get past that in order to look good. It’s not a good style to wear jogging bottoms all the time, especially when you’re in a wheelchair because that is full of irony. Also, why do disabled people fulfil stereotypes by dressing in a certain way? Having dirty, shabby clothes with food stains on is the expected image but there is simply no need to conform to others pre-conceived ideas.

Everyone should care about how they look to a certain extent (some people go too far) but more so disabled people. It is out of our hands as to how the condition will take over the body and alter appearance. However, people have free will so can decide what to wear. Even those with a learning disability should be given advice by family to make sure they are dressed appropriately.

Bye for now!

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