Friday, 21 June 2013

I get what I want…

In case my blog last night (it was quite a late one so here’s the link if you missed it: didn’t make it clear enough, I am one determined ‘Wheelchair Boy’. Typically, someone with a disability would mope around and feel sorry for themselves (rightly so considering their plight) but not me. Whatever I want, I end up getting but that normally means a fight. Not physically, either written words or verbal exchanges. I used to lay down and not bother but now I know what good can come out of it, arguing my corner is something I’d like to do more often.

I’m particularly proud of the outcome of a minor dispute earlier this week. The background is my phone kept freezing (It’s a Blackberry so no surprise there) so after the Newcastle match, I took it into the Carphone Warehouse to see if it could be fixed. They said it was still under warranty so could be sent off for repair. Annoying, as it was to be stuck with the most basic of handsets for a week or two, I accepted and left the shop with my top of the range Nokia.

About 10 days later, I received a call telling me my brand new Blackberry was ready for collection. My sister went to pick it up and they gave her a new phone under a totally different name but the man reassured her it would work. It didn’t. When I went to use it that evening, I noticed there was no signal. I thought it might have been my house (famous for being a black spot) or perhaps the EE server was down. However, the signal error persisted so I got my sister to take it back.

Carphone Warehouse recognised that I was given the wrong phone (it was locked to an Orange sim) so had to send it away. Again, I was without my expensive Blackberry and to rub salt in the wound, received my monthly bill of £26 to use the services. When I was eventually given a working phone last Friday, I complained at the fact that I didn’t have the phone for almost a month yet still had to pay for it. I was given a number to call but when I phoned, they told me to e-mail the query. 

I ended up calling again because the answer was unsatisfactory and completely missed the point. This time, I was angry and wanted some money to come out of my complaint. The woman must’ve heard the distress in my voice so to avoid an argument; she offered me the £26 cheque. I politely accepted. Some people might say my silence was bought but my reply would be that’s what I wanted and that’s what I got.

While it may be small money, the reason I’m proud is that it illustrated my determination. I was knocked back a few times but followed the complaint up and got a little bit of extra pocket money for Spain. Also, it can act as a lesson to show how ‘Wheelchair Boy’ continues until he gets what he wants.

Bye for now!


  1. Love it! Always go after what you want because, at the end of the day, you know you deserve it.

    (Also, try an iPhone. It's way better than the Crack-berry.)

  2. Yeah, the people need to stand up to the corporate companies and take no rubbish! (I know Crack-berry's are bad but I struggle with touch screens)