Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Fobbed off…

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned how I’m getting fed up writing various letters of complaint because I receive a similar response everytime. I take my time producing strongly worded arguments just to receive an answer that seems to completely ignore my points and attempt to fob me off. They normally use long words to disguise the real reply of “There is nothing we can do” which would be wholly unacceptable. This is in the hope that people will get frustrated (like me) and give up on pursuing a complaint. However, I’m not going to accept the first response. I’ll continue until I get the satisfactory answer that I deserve.

The reply that I got from Southampton Guildhall regarding the Craig David concert and the complaint I made is a prime example of me being fobbed off. The answer glossed over key criticisms such as the viewing platform being far too small and instead focused on the building being old. This is completely irrelevant because I wasn’t suggesting wholesale changes needed to be made. If they read my letter, I was asking if the wheelchair places could be moved nearer the stage. I told him all this and he said he’d pass it on to his manager. So, not only were my points not being absorbed but I wasn’t even talking to the person at the top.

I’ve left it at that. You could say that I have allowed them to fob me off but there are two important factors behind this. Firstly, I was fighting a losing battle. They were refusing to listen to my argument properly and make changes accordingly. Secondly, they offered me complimentary tickets to the 02 Bournemouth and seems as there was no movement, I accepted. It may appear that they have bought my silence but what can I say, I really want to see a Wiley gig. Also, I’ll be able to assess what the accessibility is like for other disabled visitors so it will be an educational trip as well.

The only part of Guildhall’s response that pleased me was that they recently had a visit from a charity called Attitude Is Everything, who are assisting with recommendations to improve facilities for disabled. I just hope that they’re not fobbed off with a rubbish answer or offered free tickets in return for shutting up. What kind of fool would gladly accept that?

Bye for now!

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