Monday, 9 July 2012

Trains 2...

Following my troublesome journey last time, my parents were reluctant to let me go on a train but my brother convinced them I’d be fine with him.

And I was. St. Albans got the ramps out and the train travelled to St. Pancras safely. However, when the doors opened, there was nobody with a ramp to let me off. My brother ran off the train looking for staff to assist but before long, the doors shut. I began to panic. I was now on my own, the phone had no signal and the train was heading to Sutton in South London. The next stop was Farringdon. There was no one around so I couldn’t call someone over. Then, my brother came to the door and got on board before the doors closed again. Apparently he had jumped on another carriage back at St. Pancras. I felt a little better but I was still stuck on a train. The next stop was City Thameslink. My brother told me that he ran along the platform shouting “Stop the train”. He then explained the situation to a member of staff who swiftly got a ramp to get me off board.

Both incidents clearly highlight simple problems which could be easily amended. Firstly, communication between stations and secondly, ramps. Why is there not a portable ramp per station or dare I say it on every train? That would’ve helped in both events.

Hopefully, it’s third time lucky next time.

Bye for now!


  1. You do realise that every train carries its own ramp don't you ? I know this cos my dad has worked on the railway for almost 50 years :)

  2. Apparantly the one's here don't or if they do, they're hidden away.