Thursday, 5 July 2012

Rule Britannia...

Most young adults are either going away with friends to have fun or exploring the world, taking in the glorious sights on offer. The last time I went on holiday was Cyprus seven years ago when I was not wheelchair bound and incidentally that was the furthest I’ve been. It’s not that I’m a boring wet lettuce or I’m afraid of flying but my disability provides numerous difficulties.

Firstly, it would appear difficult to actually get on the plane into an ordinary seat because I cannot walk. Also, I’ve heard many horror stories about baggage handlers damaging and even losing wheelchairs which does not feel me with confidence. Then there’s the issue of accommodation. Most hotels are accessible which means they may have wide doors, a lift and a few grab rails but this does not fulfil my needs. For example, I need a wheel in shower so I can simply wash. There are other facilities and special requirements I would require.

Practicality is not the only problem but the colossal amount of money the word ‘disability’ adds on. Places which cater for my needs bump up the price by thousands so no last minute deals for me.

I have always wanted to visit Japan but looks like that won’t be happening soon. Guess I’ll just have to get used to British seaside resorts with a little bit of rain so it’s not tedious sunshine day after day. Who needs the Riviera when you’ve got Torquay?

Bye for now!

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