Thursday, 26 July 2012


This word is over-used but I think it applies to the way I feel at the moment. I’m just stuck in no mans land, waiting for Uni. I rarely venture out of the house now partly because I have nothing to do and also the painkillers mean that I want a nap at 4. To sum up my mood, I keep having these weird Out of Body Experiences as if the lights are on but I’m not home. I am in no frame of mind to prepare for Uni or anything.

I’m not just fed up socially but also the ongoing problems with my spine. The surgeon phoned yesterday and booked me in for an assessment. Really, I just want them to operate ASAP because it’s delaying the inevitable. However, I agree with my dad who says that their lack of urgency shows it’s not dangerous and this op may not be as major. Hopefully anyway.

Back to the lull.

Bye for now!

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