Friday, 6 July 2012


In a few weeks when I have recovered more and no longer feel the need to have a 4pm siesta, I want to employ a young man who can drive to be my personal assistant (like a celebrity) and take me out. I said yesterday that I want to explore the whole World but in all honesty, I haven’t seen much of Britain. I’d love to visit Manchester and the National Football Museum for example.

It’s difficult to find people willing to apply. I don’t really know where to look or who to ask. But I have been told that, just like Alan Sugar, I must interview and get to know them before deciding which candidate gets the job. Young males are particularly hard to find because women (I’ll admit it) tend to be more caring and better suited to this kind of job. I’d be a lot more comfortable with a man and I think we’d get on better because I get quite shy around women.

Hopefully, I will find some people soon but until then, the search for the Apprentice continues.

Bye for now!

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