Sunday, 15 July 2012


I am not afraid to admit that I enjoy a bit of retail therapy but the layout of some shops puts a stop to my enjoyment.

Some shops are completely off limits due to step access. The law now states that all new buildings must be wheelchair accessible but this does not help when I want to look in smaller shops which cannot afford to convert the frontage to make it accessible. Other shops are partly accessible because the main entrance is flat but menswear is normally up or downstairs and there is not always a lift. The reason normally is because it is a listed building. I fully understand this but there is a simple solution as I found out in Blackburn. A member of staff should offer to become your personal shopper. I told her what I was looking for and she did what I couldn’t. Went downstairs and brought me the items to look at. Albeit, I didn’t make a purchase but if more shops made the effort, they would win a customer.

Then, there are shops that are ‘completely accessible’ but, mostly because of customers, are huge obstacle courses. Not only are the rails in an inconvenient position but the clothes are strewn on the floor like a teenager’s bedroom (mine is the exception). These shops make me angry and I normally try to leave my mark before leaving.

Bye for now!

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