Thursday, 12 July 2012

The pavement...

The pavements and roads across Britain are in awful condition, especially when compared to other countries I have visited such as France and Germany. It is not too noticeable until you sit in a wheelchair and can feel every bump. The ground is so uneven that I need to wear a seatbelt in my powered chair because even though it has suspension, I am thrown around like a ragdoll. This is surely not doing my spine any good which is the part of the body I worry about the most following previous history.

There was a dip in my street which was causing me discomfort in the car and years of complaining later, the council eventually fixed it so the road was ready for my discharge from hospital. However, there is a stretch of path that I use often and it’s no exaggeration to say that it looks like a bomb has hit it. There are huge cracks, massive craters, lumps to navigate, crumbly tarmac etc. It’s a health and safety nightmare. But, I have informed the council yet they feel cycle paths with speed humps take more importance. This problem does not just affect me; there are other people with mobility issues, babies in prams as there is a school near-by, shoppers with trolleys from the local supermarket, cyclists and soon there will be an old people’s village which could mean scooters/frames/sticks.

This is just one area a few hundred metres from my house. Not to mention all the other places that are causing problems on a daily basis.

Bye for now!

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