Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Stick to the writing…

You know me! Get an idea in my head, run with it (not literally obviously) for a little while then decide it’s not working out as I had hoped and pack it in. I’ll try ALMOST anything but if it’s not going swimmingly, I’ll simply knock it on the head. It’s not that I give up on things easily, I just believe that life is too short to do stuff that causes you stress. Sometimes in life you have no choice but to face stress front on and find a way to overcome it/deal with it but my mantra is if there is an option to eradicate stress completely from your life, grab it with both hands.

So that’s why I have decided to call it a day with my YouTube channel after two whole uploads.  I know some people enjoyed the first one, especially as I didn’t swear, but I wasn’t enjoying the making process and found it quite infuriating. I know you are all probably thinking, “How can shooting and editing a video be stressful?” and that is exactly what I would’ve thought before. However, it’s surprisingly more difficult than it looks. For every one clip, I had to do 20+ takes because I kept making massive mistakes. Even then, what I said wasn’t coming out perfectly. Also the audio was out of sync with the footage, which made editing tricky and time consuming.

The only good thing about this little ‘Vlogging’ experiment is that it has illustrated (for those who have not had the privilege to meet me) that I find speaking quite hard. It’s not just that I find the physical act of talking tiring and often run out of breathe mid sentence but I as well have difficulties verbalising my thoughts. There seems to be some sort of mental block that prevents me from getting out my words and forming intellectual sentences. I seem to go off on sweary rants and don’t present myself well. When I write, I think you get a preferable version of me and more people seem to like that.

Bye for now!

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