Thursday, 30 April 2015

I’ve made my mind up, have you?

There’s a week left until polling day so all those who did take my advice and registered to vote now have seven days to make their minds up. Most people I speak to are completely blown away by the election coverage and do not know who to vote for. However, I do. I wasn’t going to divulge the content of my ballot paper (after all it is a secret) but the electorate seems so undecided at the moment so I thought I’d try to help. I have carefully considered all the parties and have concluded that Labour will be getting my vote come May 7th.

You’re probably all not shocked by that revelation because I’m quite left wing in my views and my family do not have much money. Most of you are probably also thinking that I am just following my dad like a moronic robot but that’s wrong because if I was, I’d be voting UKIP. I just think people should be independent and not be influenced by others opinions. As Scroobius Pip once said, “Thou shalt choose a political party based on their policies, as opposed to just going with whom your family has always supported; they are not a football team”.

If you reach the same conclusion as your parents, fair enough but you have a fully developed brain so use it. Don’t let it be shaped by another adult. You’re not a child anymore. This applies to what I am about to say. I’m not demanding that all of my UK based readers go and vote Labour next week. I just thought I would make a few points and explain why I have decided Ed Miliband is the right man to be Prime Minister in case anyone is interested.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I felt like most young people. Apathetic and unsure who to vote for (as you know, I have always believed in the importance of having your say so my visit to the polling station was never in doubt). What was certain was that I would definitely not vote for the heartless Conservatives who make out people are disabled by choice, are worthless drains on society and should be eradicated. I would also definitely not vote for the spineless Lib Dems who now claim that they limited the Tories from being nastier but in actual fact acted as their stooges throughout this government.

As the campaign has heated up, I have been warming to Ed Miliband and feel that his passion to make this country fairer and balanced again is clear to see. Everything seems to be in favour of the rich and the poor seem to suffer because of it but he wants to change this. Yes, he looks goofy and has a funny voice but so do I. Hopefully you all think I talk sense most of the time (If you don’t, why are you even reading this blog?). What I’m trying to say is like I always say, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Personally, I believe the country’s future, as a whole will be much brighter if the outcome on May 7th is a Labour majority, not a minority one where Nationalists hold the balance of power. Not because Nicola Sturgeon and co. are dangerous (although getting rid of Trident DETERRENT is extremely risky) but because these separatist movements are even more selfish than the Tories. At the end of the day, we live in a United Kingdom made up of four countries. All joined up, not independent of one another so it seems a tad selfish to look after your own part of Britain and disregard everyone else.

Like I said, that’s my view but you can vote for whoever you like.

Bye for now!

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