Thursday, 9 April 2015

Let’s get quizzical...

For the past month or so, my amazing friend (Sophie Hudson) and I have been organizing a quiz night to help raise funds for the new wheelchair transfer system that I so badly need. As you will know if you’re a regular reader, the ‘Carony Classic’ costs £3734 in total and I thought I would not even get close to the target figure so I’m utterly astounded that I have reached my target with 10 days to spare. The fundraising event at the Slug & Lettuce in St. Albans next Thursday will still go ahead as planned but any extra money raised will go towards another expensive piece of equipment I need; the FM hearing system (that I have spoke about in previous posts).

I knew that it cost a fair bit because the NHS are not prepared to fund it but I have only just discovered that the price of the whole system is £1300. Unfortunately, this is more proof that everything is ridiculously priced when it comes to disability. I’m not suggesting that I will reach the stretch target in 10 days but I’m just pointing out that any money made from hear (get it?) on in will go towards the FM System. If you planned to donate to the chair, I would very much appreciate it if you now chipped into my hearing aid pot:

If you do fancy your chances in a quiz, want to win some great raffle prizes or would like to meet the famous ‘Wheelchair Boy’ visit the Facebook event for more information:
Or if you don’t do social media, please read this invitation:

Bye for now!

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