Monday, 20 April 2015

Put a cross in the box…

I mentioned the importance of voting in my second and final upload when I dipped my toe in the Vlogging pool last month. Amidst the obscene swearing and cringeworthy (but spot on) impression of a Russell Brand follower was the serious message that everyone, who is entitled to, should have a say in the 2015 United Kingdom General Election. Polling day is not actually for another two-and-a-half weeks (May 7th) but the reason that I am posting now is that the deadline for UK citizens to register to vote is today at midnight.

Do not worry, I am not going to do what seems to be popular over the past few days and dictate to people who are disenchanted with politics to register on the electoral role (eventhough I sort of did in that second video). People seem to forget we live in a free country so if someone decides that voting is a waste of time and they do not want to participate in the process, it’s their prerogative to abstain. No one person can say whether that makes them good or bad. However, I have to be honest and say that not voting is quite a selfish act.

Not only are the non-voters insulting the legacy of those brave people who sacrificed their lives for democracy (the two World War’s) and the ability to vote (the Suffrage movement), they are also consigning the most vulnerable members of society like myself to attacks from a ConDem government. Hardly fair is it? I am not a die-hard supporter of any party and know full well that a coalition of Labour and SNP could be equally as dodgy. That’s why I think getting the 34.9% of the country who did not turn out back in 2010 to vote is so important.

That is over a third of the country who just do not bother to go to their local polling station, simply put a cross on a piece of paper and pop it into a ballot box.  Even worse is the knowledge that the figure of those who do not vote could increase thanks to the revolutionary nonsense spewing out of the mouth of morons like Russell Brand (who is slowly becoming everything he hates). The main argument from those who reject their right to vote is that all the parties are similar and the only change is the colour of their ties.

The answer though is not to turn your back on politics, it’s to become more involved. If you want a real revolution and proper change, how about all the abstainers actually get together and vote for an independent candidate. For example, 11.9% of the electorate voted for others (outside the main three parties) at the last General Election so if the 34.9% of ‘wannabe Brands’ voted for different to the norm, there would be no more Cameron, Clegg and Miliband hogging all the power. Those who did not vote last time could have a pivotal say and ruffle a few feathers in Westminster.

If the whole concept of registering to vote is news to you, I would like to know what rock you have been hiding under? Seriously though, it is not too late (unless you’re reading this after the 20th) so do not hesitate clicking this link: The form is simple and will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Just have your National Insurance number at the ready. Even if you have no intention of voting, just register in case what I have said does sink in and you change your mind by the time the election does come around. Better to be safe than sorry…

Bye for now!


Apologies if this post has been boring and has turned into a rant in certain places but everyone seems to be having their say on the subject of voting so I thought it was ‘Wheelchair Boy’s turn to air his opinion. If I have not convinced you, so be it but remember that next time you’re moaning about almost anything (except the weather because that’s out of the government’s hands).

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