Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Generosity wheeled the cat…

Before I begin, I feel must apologise for the cringeworthy headline above. It’s probably worse than ‘Let’s get quizzical…’ as far as embarrassing attempts at humour go. I do not even know what ‘Generosity wheeled the cat…’ means because, contrary to what I have suggested, this post is not about felines. It is however about how generous people have been to me over the past month or so.

When I first set up the Crowdfunding campaign back in March to raise the money needed for a new wheelchair transfer system, I did not think that I would get to the  £1000 mark by the deadline let alone the target of £3734. However, I was completely blown away (I am starting to run out of superlatives to describe how I felt) that people’s generosity took me past the aforementioned figure with over a week left.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my friend (Sophie Hudson) and I had already organized a pub quiz (I probably should describe it as ‘huge’ because of the sheer amount of people who turned up in the end) and could not cancel it because of the hard work we had put into securing a venue (Slug & Lettuce), getting a sponsor (SA Law), persuading companies to donate raffle prizes (see list below) etc. You probably will not believe this but the night raised a further £1148.31, which is incredible for one single event.

So not only did I raise enough for the ‘Carony Classic’ but with the extra money donated, I now can afford a ‘FM Hearing System’. Both pieces of equipment are vital and will improve my quality of life significantly. To think that just over a month ago I couldn’t afford either is truly unbelievable. I hope everyone knows just how grateful I am for all the support (thanks to those who donated and also to everyone who made the quiz a tremendous success last Thursday) but if you do not… THANK YOU!

Now that the fundraising is over, I have ordered the chair so I’m just waiting for the seat to be delivered (I will upload a picture when it’s here) and then hopefully the mechanics will be able to fit the system into my car without a problem. Hearing aid wise, I have seen one online but will be able to weigh up my options when I go to the hearing aid shop in town later this week.

Bye for now!

Thank you to all these wonderful companies/individuals who donated raffle prizes and in the case of SA Law, sponsored the evening.
•    John Lewis
•    San-Rizz
•    Relish Real Burgers
•    Côte Brasserie
•    St. Michael’s Manor
•    Everyone Active
•    Alban Arena
•    Hob Salons
•    Lush
•    Greys Hair and Body
•    The Entertainer
•    Wilde About Hair
•    Millie Hudson
•    Slug & Lettuce
•    SA Law

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