Thursday, 24 April 2014

Work in progress…

When people ask wha me what I am doing writing wise, I don’t want the answer for the rest of my life to be “a few blogs”. Yes, I am proud of writing ‘The Adventures of Wheelchair Boy’ and want the world to know about it but I also want people to be impressed by what I am up to. That’s why one of my current projects I am working on is a website for the St. Albans District Access Group. The chairman knows that I am a writer and has asked if I would be the editor. I accepted because it’ll give me something to focus on this summer.

I have other ideas in the pipeline for this summer but I’m going to keep them to myself as I might not get round to them. It’s just I have big plans but my life gets in the way. There are some days where I simply cannot work, either because I get distracted (a genuine writers problem) or feel tired so my brain cannot function properly. Other times, I’ll be in the mood to work but some kind of stressful issue such as contribution to care will arise that needs to be dealt with. I have quite a few things on my ‘To Do’ list but usually only manage one, maybe two in a day.

After leaving University, I had an idea to write a sitcom pilot based on this blog. Nearly a year and a half later, I have done next to nothing. Partly down to the reasons I explained earlier but also because being funny in a script is harder than it appears. Scenarios that sound hilarious in your head are really not on paper. I haven’t given up and will probably come back to it but I’ve learnt to keep my mouth shut until things are done. Otherwise, people ask about how the comedy script is going and I’m just left feeling awkward.

Remember: Slow and steady wins the race.

Bye for now! 

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