Thursday, 17 April 2014

Good news…

I am pleased to announce we have found an accessible villa and have booked up for a week in July. As you all know, I have been looking for a summer holiday since the turn of the year but it’s not easy to find a reasonably priced villa with a private pool and the correct disabled facilities. Most places claim to be wheelchair friendly but that simply means step free access. I’m not sure if some people think that the only problem a disabled person has is an inability to walk but can shower, go to the toilet and get in the pool like everyone else.

My holiday search began in Los Angeles, California but I soon realised that visiting Hollywood et al is more of a sightseeing trip and it would probably be best to go separately. For me, a family vacation is all about relaxing by the pool so the location is not important. As long as it’s hot, I’m happy. When I went to the travel agents, the woman suggested Orlando but the cost of the flights put me off so I decided we’d stick to Europe. I continued to look online and found a few in Portugal but they were too small for our party of 8.

After a few more days of trawling the Internet, I found a lovely villa in Tuscany that ticks all the boxes. It wasn’t too expensive; there is a wheel-in shower and a lift so that I can get into the pool. I’ve only ever been to Venice but I know that Italy is a beautiful country and the weather should be impeccable in July so I can’t wait. Not only am I looking forward to the relaxing break but pasta is my favourite food so I’m basically going to heaven.

Also, I’ll hopefully be able to top up my tan because I’m not a fan of the pale look (no offence mime artists).

Bye for now!

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