Friday, 11 April 2014

Guestbook- Entry 3…

Hey there everyone! My name is Jake.

I met Glen at his secondary school a few of years ago. As well as being such a brilliant individual his blog is informative, funny, entertaining and utterly inspiring. It is remarkable that he is raising awareness for Friedreich Ataxia. Let his amazing work continue.

From the year 2012 until 2016 I am studying English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Hertfordshire. Being an avid fan of literature and also being an aspiring writer and novelist I have set up ‘Jake Borrett’s Writing Blog’. This can be found at:

The blog itself features two main parts. One is essentially creative writing work. This takes the form of prose, poetry and scripts. I have uploaded creative writing associated with horror, fantasy, mystery and a number of other genres and will continue to do so. The purpose of this is to entertain you and to showcase my ability as a writer.

The other side to my blog is the articles. These articles will inform readers on a range of issues associated with ambition, education and health. One essential part of this is my personal experiences living with two certain illnesses. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease at the age of thirteen, as well as Dyspraxia, a neurological condition when I was eighteen. Some of the articles will attempt to raise awareness about these two conditions and about my personal experiences living with them.  

It would mean a huge deal if you could read and share my writing blog. Writing is my passion and allows me to turn my deepest desires and fears into work you can enjoy. It is my goal to share my work to the world, but I need your help to achieve it.

Thanks very much for reading and have a brilliant day.

As Jake said, we met at Secondary School where we both studied Philosophy & Ethics (my next post will be on Monday and the subject is loosely based on what we learnt) in Sixth Form. I only saw him during lessons but soon discovered that he puts maximum effort into everything that he does unlike lazy ‘Wheelchair Boy’! That’s why you should all read his blog so that all his hard work is rewarded.

Don’t worry; you are not suffering from DE JA VU! Jake has written a guestbook entry promoting his blog before but had to stop writing shortly after. He has recently decided to start the page up again and I thought my readers might be interested as, like me, he discusses his conditions and is ultimately trying to raise awareness for Crohn’s/Dyspraxia. Also, anyone who enjoys reading will love his pieces of poetry, scripts and short stories, which show off his immense talent as a writer.

As always, is the e-mail if you’re interested in writing a future guest post. Being in a wheelchair isn’t a stipulation so don’t be put off. You could write about things you’ve learnt from this blog or maybe someone you know is disabled. Perhaps, you have a rather different perspective on life and want a platform to air your musings. As long as it’s thought provoking (even though not all of mine are), I’ll publish it.

Bye for now! 

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  1. Thanks very much for doing this Glen. It really does mean a lot.