Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Tonight’s post is not about how London black taxi drivers are extremely reluctant to pick ‘Wheelchair Boy’ up and even when one does, the driver cannot be bothered to strap me in properly. Instead, the subject is the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) where I spent most of yesterday afternoon discussing the financial contribution that I have to make towards my care package. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the situation was causing my parents and I untold stress. This is still the case so we arranged a meeting with the community charity in the hope that they may be able to help and provide more information.

I was a bit unsure of what good telling them my problems would be, as they don’t have any power to cut my contributions or anything like that. A meeting seemed a bit pointless but my view soon changed. The woman was very interested in what I had to tell her and wanted to assist with my case straight away. She rang up Hertfordshire County Council while we were there to get further information on my behalf before telling me what key points to make in a letter (I’ll post it recorded delivery this time so they cannot claim not receiving an appeal letter).

My mum has pointed out that some people may think I am a joke moaning about this financial contribution. I’m always on here talking about away trips to watch Arsenal yet can’t afford to pay towards my care. You probably think stop going to games and use the money to contribute. It’s no lie that I would have no life without football. I’ve mentioned before that I literally only have two friends so going to watch matches is my only real social interaction. Should I be stuck inside all day and do nothing that I enjoy just so I can afford this ‘disabled tax’?.

Anyway, I’m sure most of my readers do not feel disabled people’s quality of life doesn’t matter like the government so I’m probably preaching to the converted.

Bye for now!

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