Wednesday, 11 December 2013

4 eyes…

Sorry for not blogging in over a week. I know I said I’d write a post last Thursday but one thing lead to another and I didn’t get round to it. You know how it is. I just hope you’re all in the Christmas spirit and can forgive my absence. So that means there are a few unresolved issues that I mentioned last week and people might be interested to know what happened next. I sound like I’m writing some great novel, gradually building tension but the reason I like to leave readers in suspense is so they return and are intrigued by what I think is a pretty mundane life (I’ll never understand why people enjoy this blog).

One of the less exciting adventures ‘Wheelchair Boy’ got up to last week was going for a much-needed eye-test at the Opticians. The eagle-eyed amongst you (no pun intended) will have seen the title and know what I’m about to say. As expected, my eyesight is appalling and I need glasses. No surprise there but the big shock for me was how much frames cost. All I can say is I’ve been living in a bubble of ignorance like a politician out of touch from society, mistakenly thinking that a pair of lenses would only cost £10. In fact, a decent pair will set you back from £79 upwards. That was a big shock.

Anyway, I went to collect my new glasses today. Weird doesn’t even cut it. I think I look strange (you can judge with the picture below) and it’s like I’m a different person. There’s an imposter ‘Wheelchair Boy’ roaming the streets of St. Albans. I’m also going to have to get used to the new addition to my face, as I am desperate to take them off as soon as I put them on. The key is that they work as life is not always a fashion show and health is more important. My vision is definitely better with the lenses because everything seems to be in focus and clear.

Now I’ve sorted out my eyes, hearing is the next problem. I feel like such an old man but I knew this day would come.

Bye for now!

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