Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Busy bee…

As I write this, it is nearly the end of the 3rd day of December, which means the festive period has officially begun. Personally, it’s a month of celebrations what with Christmas, New Years and most importantly, my birthday on the 30th (27 days to get me  a present). That also means it’s all systems go in the life of ‘Wheelchair Boy’ as I count down/eat through my advent calendar. It’s not just the football fixtures that come thick and fast at this time of year. In between going to watch Arsenal in Cardiff, I went to pick up a trike yesterday (post coming soon) and had a hospital appointment today. Hence why I have only managed to blog now.

My hectic schedule doesn’t end there. I have to see the optician tomorrow afternoon before heading off to the Emirates to see the Arsenal again. I’ll have time to do a proper post on Thursday but then it’s another trip to the hospital ahead of a Christmas party, which a few of my readers will be attending (don’t be jealous). A third viewing of the greatest team the world has ever seen will finish a jam-packed week off. I thought I’d explain what I’m doing and why it’s all quiet on the blogging front sometimes before people kick off regarding my whereabouts.

Just a quick update on the WOW petition. Since my post last Thursday, the number of signatures has smashed the 100,000 mark (I’m sure many of my readers helped to surpass that all important figure). If David Cameron keeps his promise, MP’s in the House of Commons will debate disability and the various issues surrounding the Welfare State. It would take a miracle but I hope this ConDem coalition will now realise that various changes to the system such as the introduction of the Bedroom Tax and assessing people to see if they’re disabled enough to receive benefits are unequivocally wrong.

Anyway, the cardiologist gave me an ECG and cleared me for exercise so if you excuse me, I’m off to the gym.

Bye for now!

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