Thursday, 12 December 2013

The man that keeps on giving…

Everyone knows that caring is a hard job that not everyone could do, especially if your ‘client’ is obnoxious and loves a good old-fashioned argument like me.  People often say it’s rewarding and it is but only in the same way that prostitution is rewarding for a second or two. (it’s a pretty lousy job most of the time). Assisting someone who has a disability takes a special kind of person who is strong, reliable and puts others first so I am quite lucky to have 4 brilliant carers. However, I’m going to single out one particular employee because he needs your help.

The man goes by the name of Michael Brown and unlike some; he’s not dropping out of university anytime soon (coincidentally, he is in the first year at Brunel so has not yet been there longer than me yet). In fact, he has just made a long-term commitment. Next year, he will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise money for the charity Childreach. This is not only brave as he is unhealthily skinny but it’s for a great cause which shows how unselfish he is.

The total amount that he needs to raise is £2, 650 and he’s only got £75 at the moment. Early days but he is already panicking so I thought I’d be a good boss and spread the word. Please click the link and donate whatever you can ( I know it’s Christmas and money is tight but this amazing young man deserves our support, not least that he has to put up with me screaming like a girl when I beat him on FIFA.

If you’re still not convinced, he is good looking according to women so that is clearly a sound reason to sponsor. Anyway, enough of this brownnosing; don’t want to make his head bigger than it already is. Just get donating and I’ll love you long time.

Bye for now!

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