Thursday, 28 November 2013

WOW- the final countdown…

Back in May, I spoke passionately about a part of society that is close to my heart, both literally and metaphorically ( The welfare system has been under attack since the ConDem coalition came to power in 2010 but like I said yesterday, not taking an interest in politics will not help. Changes will only happen if people work together in a cohesive and ordered manner, starting with people signing the War On Welfare petition. There have been 95,000 signatures so far but if the total can surpass 100, 000 by the December 12th (only 15 days), the issue will be discussed in Parliament.

Please stop what you’re doing and sign the petition now:
Don’t forget to check your e-mail inbox and click the link to confirm. I haven’t asked my readers for a favour since the Big Blog Exchange (grovelling for all them votes was such a waste of time) earlier in the year and seems as the blog is free entertainment, signing a petition is the least you can do. Also, sticking it to Iain Duncan Smith and telling him that we shall stand no more of his onslaught feels quite liberating, well it does to a ‘Wheelchair Boy’ anyway.

I know to someone with conservative values, helping others with a welfare state seems like leftie, socialist waffle but surely any human with emotions can realise looking after defenceless people i.e. the sick and disabled is the right thing to do and should be protected at all costs. The government at the moment don’t seem to agree with that sentiment, which proves to me that they are heartless robots. I’ve implied this before but various departments such as housing and benefits have got on top of me recently, forcing me to spell it out clearly. If the government didn’t have opposition, they would kill all disabled people.

On that note,

Bye for now!

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