Monday, 18 November 2013

European tour…

What with my angry posts aimed at the Merlin group last week (go back and check out my complaints if you’re lost), I haven’t had time to talk about my brilliant adventure to North West Germany a couple of weeks ago. As most people will know, I decided to trek the 769-mile round trip from St. Albans to Dortmund because Arsenal were playing what had become a crucial Champions League match. An obvious reason. The Proclaimers once sung “I would walk 500 miles” about my devoted support for the Gunners. We didn’t walk obviously but you get my drift. I’d go anywhere to follow the team I love except Turkey or Italy because I don’t have a death wish.

The quickest way to Dortmund would be an aeroplane but I didn’t want to pay £120 per person for a return flight when the alternative was substantially cheaper (£190 return for the Venga including all passenger’s plus two tanks of petrol). Most people wouldn’t even consider a ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland but I decided that it would be better and make life easier, not least that it would mean less driving for my mum. Seven hours on a boat sounds a lot but when we got off, there was only a three-hour drive to Dortmund whereas it would’ve been double the drive if we had gone from Dover to Calais.

The only annoying thing is that we had to be at the port at 08.15 on the Tuesday morning so instead of getting up at a ridiculous hour and rushing to catch the ferry, we decided to stay overnight in Ipswich (near Harwich…sort of) and travel a short distance the next day. I know this sounds quite sad but I was actually quite excited for the seven-hour boat trip. I like the fact you can move around and look around the shop whereas a car can feel trapped after a while. Also, the on-board cinema makes the time go by in a flash so the journey length is really not noticeable.

After watching ‘Monsters University’ and ‘We’re The Millers’ (I’d recommend both), I looked out the window and we had arrived in Holland: the home of Cloggs, Tulips and Windmills. It’s also quite famous for Drugs and Prostitutes but I’m a good boy so don’t care for them two vices. That’s where I’ll leave the story for now. Feel free to have a look around the area until I return and continue to share my various exploits as I make my way to Dortmund.

Bye for now!

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