Monday, 11 November 2013


…Of The Spack! Too far? Apologies if my dark comedy is a bit shocking but I’m only taking the Michael out of myself (like men do after going to the toilet in Beverly Hills) so it’s all fine. References to Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator might go down better. Anyway, I must stop cracking jokes as I might burn myself. Somebody call 999 (seriously DON’T) because I am on fire tonight. So funny it hurts.

Right, allow myself time to explain where I’ve been. My last post on October 28th was titled ‘Ill’ and I warned that I had a cold so wouldn’t be blogging for a bit. Fear not, I wasn’t knocked off my feet by the flu for two weeks (because I wasn’t even on my feet to start with). It was being ill coupled with a hectic diary that got in the way and meant I was absent for all that time. I had a few bad days where I was coughing constantly and had a blocked nose. You know it’s bad because I missed an Arsenal match. Luckily, I got over the worst of it ready for Fright Night at Thorpe Park on Friday 1st November. Hence why I didn’t blog that week.

I was going to write a post last Monday but we left for Harwich as soon as I was up and ready. We stayed at a hotel near the port before getting a ferry to Holland the following morning. Why? Arsenal were playing on Wednesday night in Dortmund and it was cheaper to drive than fly. We didn’t get home until late on Thursday evening so I was absolutely shattered the next day. I simply didn’t have the energy to type so I decided to delay my comeback post. So here I am (I promise I’ll blog about all my adventures soon).

I hope you didn’t miss my witty blog too much…

Bye for now!

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