Thursday, 21 November 2013

Made of more…

T.V. advertisements are a common talking point around this time of the year what with John Lewis wasting (controversial opinion) a Million pounds on their latest Christmas ad. The best festive commercial is clearly the Dorito’s take on the East 17 classic ‘Stay Another Day’ which is so good that the company have decided to use it again. All the focus is on the seasonal adverts but the brand that I feel deserves more credit for producing a strong campaign is Guinness. I’m sure most people have seen it but here is the YouTube link in case you have got Sky +:

Although there is not a cartoon woodland animal in sight and Christmas is not mentioned in any way, the advert does in a way reflect the spirit of this festive period with friends coming together. Also, it delivers a thought provoking message and therefore helps to build a powerful brand image. Not that I drink Guinness (or any alcohol except the occasional vodka) but I would happily buy it for a friend now they have included a wheelchair user in their advertising campaign.

The basic message (my interpretation) is that only a select number of people will not judge a book by it’s cover; will decide to be a dedicated and loyal friend to a disabled person. Not because they must or feel it’s the right thing to do but have made an unconscious choice deep down. Personally, I can only count my friends on one hand and like the voiceover says “the choices we make reveal the true nature of our character” so my few friends are definitely ‘made of more’. I’m not saying that everyone who isn’t my friend doesn’t have a decent character but just saying that those who are special.

Apologies if that sounds cringey but there is nothing wrong with you a bit of bromance and if you have an issue then talk to the hand because the face isn’t listening.

Bye for now! 

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