Friday, 25 October 2013

Star struck…

On Wednesday evening, I went to Elstree studios to watch a T.V. show being recorded (something I’ve done a few times before) and confirmed that I am an embarrassing idiot when it comes to ‘celebrities’. The programme in question was Fake Reaction, which has already had one series on ITV2. The game show basically involves the guest’s completing absurd tasks and the opposing team have to work out who is pretending. Matt Edmondson (who?) presents with team captains Ellie Taylor and Joe Swash. I must say that Swash is a great, down-to-earth bloke because he came over to me and introduced himself but none of them are A-List or even B-List celebrities.

So why do I get all shy and in awe around these semi-famous people. By the way, I’m not being rude by suggesting they’re not proper celebrities. It’s just that I start acting as if I am meeting royalty or even more impressive, a godly figure like Dennis Bergkamp. I can’t strike up a conversation with them eventhough they’re normal people. For example, I know Joe Swash supports the Arsenal but I got scared to say anything and just said “Hello”. No wonder people think I’ve got a mental disability. My point is I am impressed by lesser known stars.

This is not the first time I’ve spoken with a celebrity at this type of show. I went to A League of Their Own a couple of years ago and completely clammed up when Freddie Flintoff came up to me. He asked me if I was enjoying the show and instead of talking to him like an ordinary human being would, I answered with “Yes, it’s good”. Hardly a brilliant response. Also, we saw James Cordon after the show and I wanted to begin some football banter (because he supports West Ham) but suddenly became sheepish when I shook his hand.

I also am amazed when I see famous people doing activities that I do, like going to watch the Arsenal. When I sat near Dermot O’ Leary at the Emirates, I kept looking at him because I couldn’t quite believe that he was so close to me. A recent example of me getting star struck at the football is from Tuesday evening when my brother and I got in a lift with Sir Trevor MacDonald (who I’ve just discovered is a Spurs fan?). I wanted to congratulate him on his recent documentaries about prison life in America but again couldn’t speak. It’s as if I think that anyone who has been on T.V. is from another planet.
However, I must say even the steward was in awe; smiling like a little kid.

Enough about me being a fan boy and onto why I believe Germany will win the World Cup in Rio next year (you heard it hear first):βball/

Normally, my predictions have been a waste of time but I done well last week and hopefully will get even more correct this weekend:

Bye for now!

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