Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Dark days…

I don’t often regress back to GCSE English but today I did, more specifically to the concept of Pathetic Fallacy. The term basically means that the weather reflects the mood in a literary piece (it can’t be ever said that this blog doesn’t teach you interesting trivia). For example, most fictional stories end on a positive note so will often have the sun emerging from behind the clouds to emphasise this. Apart from showing that I did used to listen in class and would win one of the numerous quiz shows on daytime television, the rain this afternoon got me thinking about how the changeable British weather affects my mood.

I woke up this morning feeling positive and confident that I would have a productive day completing a few jobs off my ‘To Do’ list. However, my mood was obliterated by the depressing sound of raindrops falling against my bedroom window. It seems absurd but if there is a blue sky to look up to, I feel happy where as the cold weather drains the emotions out of me and makes me grumpy. Most people prefer the sun and feel gloomy in the winter so I’m not special (for once) but I was pointing out that my life is one big example of Pathetic Fallacy if that makes sense. The weather outside usually symbolises my mood, unless Arsenal lose on a sunny day than my theory can be disregarded.

Even though the weather lady just said the forecast for tomorrow is “good for October”, it feels as if winter has started earlier this year. It’s not just the miserable conditions that reduce my get up and go, it’s also the fact that days are getting shorter with darkness beginning at roughly 6 PM. Basically, what I am  saying is I hate the cold and life would be so much better if it was summer all year round. Nearly 20 years and I still haven’t got used to the famous English weather; I don’t think I ever will.

I’ve never heard of this song but know who Eurythmics are and the title fits in with tonight’s post so figured I should include it:

Bye for now!

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