Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bless him…

There’s one thing about my life that I never get bored of (I’m being sarcastic in case you can’t tell). It’s people who seem to be amazed that I haven’t committed suicide or completely lost the plot. They not only belittle and patronise me but also use the word ‘brave’, which conjures up various emotions. I know that I’m preaching to the converted but it just makes me either laugh that someone pities me or feel insulted how certain people think I’m a little soldier trooping on through life. The link by Louise Bruton that I posted last week ( said that ‘When people call you brave, it never feels like a compliment’ and that is exactly my point.

Let’s get this straight. Disabled people are not dogs who need or like praise. We are human beings just living life. So when a person puts on a baby voice and says “life must be so hard. WELL DONE”. I think what for? Getting on with it and not waiting around feeling sorry for myself. That’s not difficult at all. That brings me on to sympathy. Thanks for the thought but I don’t want it (unless it’s sympathy sex). People who great me with the words “Awwwww” need to get a grip. I’m happy with my life and that’s all that matters so no need to treat me like a fragile pet.

Put all of the phrases I’ve mentioned together and you get the sentences “Awwww, well done for overcoming the difficulties in life. Such a brave boy. God bless you”. If that doesn’t summarise my point, I don’t know what will. It’s pretty easy to see the many things wrong with the statement, not least the patronising tone throughout. Another issue is that it implies simply living life should be commended which is a silly idea. Also, I don’t believe in God so don’t really want ‘his’ blessing but thanks again.

Just a quick one tonight as I'm going to the cinema.

Bye for now!

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