Thursday, 10 October 2013

Money doesn’t grow on trees…

Although I’ve been an adult in the eye of the law for nearly two years (20 on 30th December in case anyone needs reminding), it wasn’t until I got my car in June that I did a lot of growing up in regards to finance. Up until then, I used to think money was endless and it could fix any problem. Argubly, it can but I don’t have any so can’t go through life anymore without a care in the world. I have learnt to appreciate that I am not a millionaire who can flash the cash and therefore need to be prudent. Although I’m not a student, I am always on the look out for bargains, discounts and ways to get value for money.

An example of me being more aware that money is scarce and wanting to be careful about how I spend is the way that I treat my car. My parent’s question why I am so careful with the Venga yet seemingly didn’t care about the state of the car when they owned it. The simple answer is when you own something; you become extra protective (similar to having a pet) because ultimately you don’t want to spend more money on it. The price of petrol means that I need every penny to fill-up so the less money I spend on cleaning, the better. That’s why I try to stop people eating and leaving rubbish in my car so that it doesn’t have to be cleaned all the time. Although the wind keeps blowing in orange bits so it gets dirty quite quickly.

I used to think money was a commodity people shouldn’t get worried about but it’s a different mind-set when you have little. I guess what I’m saying is modern life is ridiculously expensive and it’s quite depressing how much things have gone up in price since I was a kid. From small purchases such as a loaf of bread to larger items such as petrol, which used to be 50p a litre when I was a cute, little boy. I’m no economist and understand the concept of inflation but the hike in living prices over the past few years alone is ridiculous and it makes life seem impossible.

I’ve written a, some might say, controversial piece on football pundits but I wouldn’t be ‘Wheelchair Boy’ if I didn’t upset a few people:

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