Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tour de St. Albans...

What with the success of British cyclists at the recent London 2012 Olympics more and more people will begin to get on their bikes. But is there a need to tear up an existing pathway and cause a lot of disruption to put in speed bumps in case cyclists go too fast. The St. Albans council thought this project was the best way to waste tax payer’s money and failed to consider others, including the disabled, elderly and parents with buggies. 

These new speed restrictors are not well thought out at all. They wouldn’t actually slow a bike down or the cyclist could go around it. They simply are unnecessary. It is difficult for a wheelchair or the like to go over it and because of my spinal surgery, any bump causes discomfort. Also, the path has been made narrow to accommodate this new cycle route but the uneven surface means that it is difficult for two wheelchairs to pass.

Understandably, ‘Wheelchair Boy’ and my brother was angry. He contacted the local paper who quickly followed up the story. See here:

Work is ongoing down the park as the council seem to be ignoring complaints. Perhaps Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish are moving to St. Albans.

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